Company Overview

Longcheer, established in 2002, is now the industry-leading service provider of mobile phone design and product delivery.
  • Smart Phone

    For the last fifteen years, Longcheer has kept being an industry leader of R&D for mobile phones and related products. In the ongoing research and exploration, the company has trained a lot of experienced professionals who constantly provide our customers with top-class products, thus gaining a good reputation among customers.
  • Tablet

    With target-customer-oriented marketing, a trendy, well-designed, featured look and continuous, sophisticated adjustments, the tablet computer brings users a visual feast.
  • VR

    The use of lenses, processing, formation and content stimulates a 3D Display. the flexible interactive technology enables real-time feedbacks on the real-world scene ,offering users a fully immersive experience.
  • Vehicle-Mounted System

    The smart rear-view mirror has a separate operation system and operation space. Users can install any software, games, navigation and other third-party applications.
  • Smart Wear And Others

    Well designed by professional designers, the smart wear is both delicate and mini. Its colors also make this high-tech product a stylish art.

Core Competence


Longcheer is your perfect mobile terminal solution for product planning, concept design, product delivery and after-sales service.Our well-developed software, hardware and a strong designing capability ensure that the company can continue to leverage the upstream advanced technology to meet diversified needs of customers. We will put unremitting effort into R&D and productization.


The timely release of corporate news, employee culture, industry dynamics and first-hand information fully shapes a comprehensive brand and corporate culture, advertising the charm of our company brand.

Social Responsibility

Longcheer advocates wise welfare services,social welfare services and happy welfare services. Longcheer’s welfare program hope to become the innovation factory of the nonprofit sector and the whole industry chain supplier of new media welfare services.
In March 2015, Longcheer aids to built the Sakya County secondary school of Tibet
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